Adoption Associates is a private practice psychotherapy group that has weathered many storms over the last 20+ years.  This year it felt like everything converged at once.  It has been a very confusing and overwhelming time, from dealing with an acrimonious election to a scary and oft-times fatal pandemic which has impacted all of our typical routines and coping methods.  Our children have been watching us closely and learning how we cope and manage the conflicted and upsetting reactions and emotions we experience. Our work tells us that parental reactions greatly impact how our children respond. 

Recently, we saw frightening images of turmoil and violence in our capitol and our democracy was challenged. This was followed by a peaceful transition from one administration to another. Now the country has an opportunity to come together and learn to work through our differences in a respectful and peaceful manner.

At Adoption Associates, we believe it is our job to help families develop a model for healthy communication around conflicted feelings and different beliefs, experiences, histories and assumptions.  For example, the model of learning to listen respectfully and without judgment can help family members feel more understood and heard. The racial tensions in the communities particularly extends to trans-racial and multi-cultural families with many sensitivities. Adoptive families have a unique history of trauma and personal loss in all members of the adoption triad, which impacts them and is an additional source of stress. There is heightened anxiety and depression and increased insecurity, be it personal, economic, or related to housing, jobs and financial issues.

We have been hearing from many clients about the unstable environment and how their families are impacted. It is our job as therapists to help parents and their children learn to manage their responses and address these issues to foster greater connection and understanding of one another. There are many strategies which can be helpful, which we can teach our clients. Currently all appointments are virtual.  We have been pleased with how well teletherapy has been able to provide support.  Please call or email for an appointment, a consultation or to get some answers and have a sounding board.

We wish you well.
Adoption Associates

Debra Olshever
Sandy Orenstein
Toby Zaitchick