November is National Adoption month, and in honor of this, we want to reflect on the vital role that adoptive families play in our communities as the “Ambassadors of Acceptance.” Making the choice to become an adoptive family automatically stretches not only your immediate family, but also your friends and community. Kudos to all you wonderful parents who have learned to love, accept and grow alongside your children and embrace the beauty and diversity that is adoption.  At times adoptive parents and children may grapple with feeling different or not fitting in or being “just like everyone else.” Sometimes a particular environment may not feel welcoming or tolerant of their differences. Adoptive parents are in the unique position of being role models of acceptance, tolerance, and love both at home, in their own communities and beyond. In order to find support for you and your family here are some suggestions:

  • Surround yourself with loving and accepting  friends who are unequivocally dedicated to supporting your family.
    You don’t have to do this alone. Attend adoption related events, make connections with other adoptive families, read books, attend conferences, and connect with specialists who understand adoption.
  • Find time to nurture and take care of yourself in whatever ways possible so you are better able to care for and nurture your child and family.
  • Become involved as an advocate and change agent in your schools, houses of worship, at community events, organizations, etc. Participate in programs and activities that are inclusive of your family and feel welcoming.  Seek opportunities to promote understanding, inclusion and acceptance.
  • Remember, adoption is a life long journey, both for your child and for you. Work to strengthen your ties throughout the journey from childhood and into adulthood.  Keep on learning how to support your child, fostering a healthy relationship throughout your lives.
  • This is your month, so celebrate your family and all of the beautiful chaos that comes with it!

    You can learn more about our services, including individual and family therapy and small groups for parents to provide support, no matter the age of your child.   Contact us at or 617-965-9369.