We were invited to present, along with the Adoption and the Jewish Identity Project, a session entitled Adoption in the Jewish Community. It will foster dialogue about the lifelong experience of adoption and its impact on the lives of parents, children and the community. Participants will learn how adoptees may struggle to answer questions about their own Jewish identities and its interface with their birth culture. The program will be held at:

Temple Reyim/Mayyim Hayyim Campus

1860 Washington St. Newton, MA

9 – 10 am on Sunday, Dec 2nd

This engaging program is part of a greater effort called LimmudBoston.org. It is a volunteer run “day of learning, inspiration and fun.”  You can purchase your tickets to the event here.

While this program is focused on the Jewish community, the concepts apply to other religious, school, medical and community settings. Adoption Associates is happy to customize a program for your specific needs if you are interested in bringing us to your community.