Parent Groups

You have certainly read all the books that talk about the joys of parenting, of which there are many. But raising children who have been adopted provides additional questions and challenges that other parents just don’t face. When your teenager or young adult struggles with anxiety or depression, uses alcohol or drugs, is pregnant, or asks questions about their family history, your family or friends might comment that “All kids that age behave that way – it’s not limited to adoption”. But sometimes it IS adoption, leaving you feeling quite isolated and misunderstood. We at Adoption Associates have found that our parent groups fill a very important need – a need to connect with other adoptive parents who “get it.”

We currently have some openings in our Parent Groups. We have different kinds of groups depending on your need. Some parents might want to discuss search and reunion – the challenges, the fears, the mixed feelings that come up.  Other parents may need to discuss oppositional behaviors or addiction, questions about when is it time to let go, do we ever let go?  Does your child know their whole adoption story, even the really “hard to hear” parts? How do your child’s memories of their early experiences impact their behavior today, and how you respond to their behaviors?

You can be certain that any question or concern that you have, others have had, or still have too, and our professionally led groups can help you decide how to handle it.  Groups will meet for ninety minutes once per month in the early evenings.


As the new school year begins, now is the time to focus on what you need for yourself, and for your children, in addition to sports, music, drama, etc.

New groups now forming for the fall, details to emerge over time:

Parents of high school age students, probably starting mid to late September, daytime and/ or evening

Parents of adolescents and young adults, starting September 18 in the evening
Other parent groups starting later in September , including groups for parents of younger children.

Also, groups for children, late elementary school/ middle school, and high school.
Please contact us for more information if you are interested, we will hopefully be able to find times that work for most.